2018 U.S. National Leading Halter Sire
2014 - 2018 Scottsdale Show Leading Sire of Winners
2014 - 2018 Scottsdale Signature Stallion Leading Sire of Winners

When Don and Janey Morse of Oak Ridge Arabians first purchased the beautiful Vitorio TO from breeders Ed and Maureen Horton of Thirteen Oaks as a weanling they of course hoped for great success. They could not have imagined however, that his success would take form at warp speed!

At just 2 years of age, Vitorio garnered more prestigious awards than the most accomplished stallions of all time have achieved in their life time: United States National Champion - Canadian National Champion - Brazilian National Champion. As a three year old, Vitorio added two more national titles to his resume, making him an unprecedented five time National Champion before the age of four!

It is not by accident that this young 'dream come true' exhibits quality that cannot be denied. His sire, DA Valentino is one of the most accomplished halter stallions of all time and produced greatness far beyond his own. Vitorio's dam line leads to the great sire's of yester year - *Salon, El Paso and *Naborr. Quality, substance, confirmation and elegance are present both in the flesh and on paper!

The combination of these outstanding breeding horses in Vitorio's pedigree ensure not only the success that he has exhibited himself in the show ring, but ensure his future as an outstanding breeding stallion and with champion offspring all over the world, this dream is also coming to reality!

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